Friday, 4 January 2013

Jack Reacher

I watched Jack Reacher on New Year's. I went to this movie just because I wanted to do something that day and watching a movie sounded nice. This was the only movie playing at that time that seemed worth it. And it wasn't a bad choice. I realized while watching this movie that it was based on a book by Lee Child. I've never really read any of his books but after this movie maybe I'll give it a go.


The movie wasn't excellent, neither did it suck. I liked the first half of the movie where we know who the sniper is but no one else does. The mystery around the traitor within the ranks was also well depicted. I really did think it was the dad for a moment there. All in all I'd give the movie a 7. Its a good movie to watch but doesn't really stay with you after you've left the cinema hall.

I think they are trying to keep the ending open ended so that they may be able to make a sequel in the future or something. They made Reacher sound like a superhero who always fights for justice. It didn't quite sit well with me as he is someone who would rather be left alone.

Anyways. If you like action and Tom Cruise do watch the movie. It's worth the one watch, maybe two. And I would rate it a 2/5.