Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Secret Vice 2

Dramas aren't my only secret vice. So is reading manga and watching anime. The first anime that i ever saw was Cardcaptor Sakura. when i was about 12. This was the only anime i had ever watched till i was about 18 years old. The next one I watched was Kimi ni Todoke. I fell in love with anime since then. 

That was when i finally moved on to reading Manga. I prefer reading completed Manga though I am not above reading a Manga if it interests me even if it has not been completed. The first one I picked up was Cardcaptor Sakura itself. It was nice to revisit the childhood memories of the anime watching and i also got to read about the parts that weren't necessarily in the anime. I next went on to watch Skip beat. I loved this anime for mixing gut busting humour with the ambition and hatred of a person. I am eagerly awaiting the 2nd season. 

I then moved onto reading a lot of Manga. My all time favorites are Akira, 20th century Boys, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mars, Uzumaki and many others. There are many more Manga like these. I love the different artwork in the different manga. And though it isn't as good as reading a book to me it's almost as good. I mean i love reading books but comics or manga present you with the characters as the author saw them. The way that the author meant for the characters to be perceived. Books leave it up to us to a certain degree, which is great, but comics are an embodiment of all the author wants us to perceive visually. OK I am rambling now. 

I recently finished watching both versions of the Fullmetal alchemist. And I loved them both. I liked the different takes on the same story. Another recent watch was Ghost in the shell 1. I wasn't invested in the show till maybe the 3rd episode but i just fell in love with it after that. I am yet to watch the 2nd season. I tried watching 'Another' but i couldn't finish it. I might revisit it some time soon.

The following is on my to - watch list:
  1. Denno coil
  2. Bakuman
  3. Cowboy Bebop
  4. Kaicho wa maid sama
  5. Monster (Just finished the manga. It was good but the number of volumes could have been reduced. It got really confusing for a while. But all in all an interesting manga)
  6. Detective Academy Q
I will try and update my posts as and when i read a manga or watch a new anime.

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