Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Drama obsession

My K Drama obsession has recently gone into overdrive with the premiere of so many new shows at the same time. I have high hopes for the dramas that have released... like Faith, Nice Guy, Arang (Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun ki are so cute together)

The sad thing is these are ongoing dramas and I have to wait every week for the episodes to be out and then I have to wait for the english subs to be out. So I will wait for the dramas to get almost all the way through before I download and watch them.

I am excited to start watching all three of these dramas. I love Shin Min Ah in My GF is a Gumiho. I think she is well suited to play the loud mouthed, strong willed girl who always speaks her mind. I hope the drama lives up to the expectations it has created. It would also be interesting to see Song Joong Ki in a role that is just the opposite of his image of an innocent pretty boy. And when it comes to Faith I just have one thing to say - LEE MIN HO. Need I say more.

What am I currently watching to validate the name of this post you ask? considering I am keeping the aforementioned drama watching on hold? I have recently discovered Korean variety shows. I am currently watching Running Man which is HILARIOUS. There aren't many shows that make me laugh let alone roll with uncontrollable laughter on the floor with tears coming out of my eyes in EVERY episode.I just love this show. I have just started watching this show and am on the 5th Episode.

I have recently discovered "History of a Salaryman". I thought maybe this drama would be about the drama and revenge plot alone. To my pleasant surprise this drama is really funny. I am only on the 3rd episode but i hope this keeps up to the last episode. The equation between Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi ( the main characters is hilarious) I love these characters so far and hope their characters are given room to grow. I haven't really made an opinion about the supporting cast as they are just getting introduced at this point. looking at the below poster I thought this was a period drama and maybe set during the independence struggle but the setting seems a little futuristic on account of the spy gadgets and the Immortality drug. I like that the show is not what it seems, and in a good way.

Along with the History I am simultaneously watching "Bad Couple". I know I know... you must be thinking how many series does this person watch at a time? Actually quite a lot. I watch these dramas/ series as it would be on TV. I alternate between series. I watch one episode of History, then Bad couple, then maybe The Wire to just give my brain a rest from watching the actors and reading the subs simultaneously. And before you ask, yes I don't just watch Asian dramas. I watch English ones too. But that is for another post. Coming back to bad Couple, I have just started watching the drama so I don't want to jump the gun and make up my mind about the drama ( though I have heard really good things about it).

So, these are the dramas I am watching and the one's I am waiting to watch. Here's to hoping that they don't disappoint. :)

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