Monday, 4 March 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

I have been an ardent fan of Die Hard since I was young. I have watched all of the previous 4 movies. My favorite was always the Die Hard 1. And it still is. The 5th installment to the Die Hard Franchise is not a great movie. It is something that newbies to Die Hard might not really like the movie and might find better fare elsewhere.

A friend of mine, who isn't really a huge fan of action movies like Die Hard, had gone to watch the movie first. I asked her how she liked the movie. She knows me really well and said "you'd probably like it, but they destroyed too many cars in the movie." I thought she might be exaggerating, but she was not. It looks like close to a 100 cars or more were destroyed during the making of just the opening chase scene. It started out with 3 cars being blown to smithereens and then different cars were either mowed down or pushed over bridges and in one scene Bruce Willis drives his car on the top of multiple cars. It was kind of cool.

I have to admit Die hard 4.0 was better than A Good Day to Die Hard. The chemistry between Bruce Willis and Justin Long was great. I really liked their repartee. The chemistry between Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney was mostly non-existent. I just could not feel anything for the relationship. I wanted John and his daughter to reconcile int eh previous movie but in this movie I was not at all invested in their relationship. The dialogues were funny but not as funny as they were in the previous movies.

So this is a movie that can be enjoyed by fans of the series but it might not be a movie for the general populace. I'd give the movie a 2/5.

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