Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Book Habits and Pet Peeves

I have been in the habit of reading ever since I can remember. I attribute this part of my character to my parents. My mother encouraged me by teaching me shlokas (poems), telling me their meanings and telling me stories. My father encouraged me while leading by example. We have always had a lot of books at home. Cultivating the habit of reading from such a young age has resulted in me having a few book habits and pet peeves.

My pet peeves are:
  1. When people mark their places in a book by dog earing the pages. 
  2. When people write in the margins of my book. I'm fine with people writing in their own books. I actually like owning second hand books that have notes in them, as long as I have a pristine copy for myself.
  3. One of my other pet peeves is when someone opens a book really wide and cracks the spine beyond recognition
  4. Licking a finger and then turning a page
  5. People blurting out spoilers from the movie version in front of me when they know I haven't read the book or watched the series. (Though I have to mention here that I did this to my sister once, and I am extremely sorry that I did.)
My book habits are :
  1. If I love a particular book I tend to keep reading books from the same genre for the next 3-4 books. I have done this quite a few times. Last year I read Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and I liked it. This lead me to read Feed by Mira Grant, World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.
  2. When I am reading a book I'm falling in love with I imagine myself in the world created by the author. I do not necessarily imagine myself as one of the main characters but I start creating a character of my own that I think would fit in to this world. 
  3. I not just start living in the world but start to make up stories for the characters even after the book has ended. I am great at imagining these things but really bad at writing them down.
These are only some of my pet peeves and book habits. I cannot seem to think of more but I am quite sure I have a few more of both. Maybe I'll update the list whenever I do remember. So what are your pet peeves and habits when it comes to books?

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